Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Stars in Hollywood | Edgar Allan Poets New Single
Stars in Hollywood | Edgar Allan Poets New Single

This is a confidence-themed song. Love is the motivation that makes us do anything. When we are in love we feel like the masters of the city, invincible, bold, and lucky. With our significant other by our side, we believe that we will never die. Stars in Hollywood and Malibu that is what we are when love blossoms. Stars in Hollywood is the new single by Edgar Allan Poets.

Modern Adam and Eve catapulted into this reality, this is who we are. Yes, we like to sin but we do it to feel alive. Our time is now! We’ve been given this big stage that is life, we have to act like Hollywood actors and put on the best show.

Stars in Hollywood | Edgar Allan Poets New Single

Stars in Hollywood Cover

Stars in Hollywood is about those moments in life when everything is fine. In which we feel complete with another person and the world is at our feet.

The arrogance of youth mixes with the strength of love.

People around always ready to judge remains silent to watch the show. He envies us because they would like to be the leading actors… but this is our moment and we have to go all in.

Stars in Hollywood | Edgar Allan Poets New Single


When Eve ate the apple she gave us the opportunity to sin. Perhaps more than being a mistake it was a gift. In our journey on earth, we are only ephemeral humans. But when we’ll go to heaven we will be beautiful angels finally ready to be divine.

Love is the only thing that can make us so sincere, true, and pure. Let’s throw off our masks and let’s abandon ourselves to the great energy that surrounds us.

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