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Starships is C-Beem’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
C-Beem is back with a new “futuristic” single and this is what I think about it.

Starships is C-Beem’s Single

The rhythmic cadence of this song is really contagious and makes you want to dance.

This tune makes you feel like you are in a spaceship with the window down while enjoying a journey through space.

Somehow Starships manages to charge you with positive energy and makes you believe that anything is possible. I really liked the string bridge at 2.25 minutes, totally unexpected but perfect for creating a moment of instability.

C-Beem accompanied the release of the song with a psychedelic and visionary video that demonstrates his great creativity and his desire to always experiment.

This artist is able to amaze with his great creativity which has allowed him to create his own musical genre.

A beautiful experience that I recommend to everyone.

Starships is C-Beem’s Single Out Now!


Starships is C-Beem’s Single

“This track’s space-disco, synth, rockpop vibes owe much to ELO – the cover graphic I designed is to deliberately echo their classic album ‘Out Of The Blue’ – a product of the golden age of great album covers. It tickles me how many bands of the 70s rock era had their own starships … eg, ELO, Boston, ZZTop, Parliament, and the ELO mothership, modelled on a jukebox, is probably the most iconic of them all. The idea of music artists having their own spaceships just brings a huge smile to my face, and I want ‘Starships’ to celebrate that whole music sensibility of imagination, colour and, in today’s context: a kind of creative nostalgia.

The single has been released already with spins on a number of radio podcasts such as ‘Trust The Doc’ Exile FM, Casimir Engine, Burning Girl Radio, Divine Radio London, Spectrum FM and Radio Northwich ( Kim Smith Good Morning Show ) SINGLE OF THE WEEK.”

Find C-Beem Here:


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