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Stealing Airwaves is Stone Portal’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Stone Portal’s Album Stealing Airwaves is finally here. I’ve been following the path of this band for a long time now and I’m excited to review the full album.

Stealing Airwaves is Stone Portal’s Album

When a band comes out with the full album you get a better understanding of their artistic vision.

Above all, you understand if there is a coherent development idea behind it.

Stone Portal prove they have reached maturity as Stealing Airwaves is a well thought out and solid music product.

The refinement in their approach to composition reminded me of bands like Live. All the songs are interesting and I recommend listening to this album several times in order to savor the various harmonic and rhythmic nuances.

Stealing Airwaves should be sipped like a glass of aged Whiskey.

Honestly, I haven’t found any flaws, this is Stone Portal’s debut album and it looks like that of an established band.

It is not easy to find artists that manage to create a distinctive sound in such a short time.

Listening to Stealing Airwaves is a beautiful musical experience that of course, I recommend to everyone.

Stealing Airwaves is Stone Portal’s Album Out Now!

Coherent and Mature!

Stealing Airwaves is Stone Portal’s Album

Stealing Airwaves is the impressive new rock album from British rock collaboration, Stone Portal. This album comes off the back of two successfully released singles, ’Stealing Airwaves’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. From Scottish songwriter Ken Maclean comes an exciting journey through the creative and magnetic vocals of Ged Cartwright and the big riff, melodic guitar-scapes of Ryan Jones.

Produced by Ryan Jones and mixed and mastered by Ross Saunders at Gloworm Studios Glasgow. This album is a representation of the bands brimming tonal tapestry and adventurous sonic journey. Air guitars at the ready!!!

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