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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Sue Denim

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Sue Denim, I discovered this artist on Youtube and I liked the vibes of her songs.

I enjoyed listening to Sue Denim, her irreverent and sincere music immediately struck me.

An artist who gets straight to the point without skirting around much.

Her direct and easy-going approach is in my opinion very fascinating.

Even the recording of her tunes, produced in her garage, reflects Sue’s musical vision.

A simple recording that I feel perfect for her musical style.

You can feel that this artist enjoys proposing her music and her videos are also fun to watch. This sound is therapeutic in such a stressful period for the world.

Music that takes life as it comes exactly as the Big Lebowski did…is this the best way to live?

Seeing Sue’s big smiles makes me think so.

A Covid Romance is Sue Denim’s Single Out Now!

A carefree music that gladdens the soul!


A Covid Romance is the lead single from Lockdown Laments, the second solo album from c’s Sue Denim.

Lockdown Laments is Sue’s 10-song second solo album, follow-up to her debut – acclaimed all the way from Bangor to Brooklyn – And The Unicorn. Recorded and produced in North Wales by Sue in her garage, on Garageband, during lockdown 2020, Lockdown Laments presents a mixture of simple and honest tracks that are less typical singer-songwriter and more nostalgic catchy indiepop lofi anthems – sometimes reminiscent of a female Syd Barrett, Jonathan Richman, or Kevin Ayers.

Sue’s artistic inspirations for this are: music – Courtney Barnett, Aldous Harding, Joni Mitchell and Jeffrey Lewis; literature – Zora Neale Hurston; moving pictures – Jane Birkin as Johnny Jane (Je T’Aime), Timothee Chalomet and the peach (Call Me By Your Name), Normal People, Sex Education.. plus the usual, bikes, beaches, romance, social media, single motherhood, lucid dreaming, healthy living and waterfalls.
And …most of all… Covid and the particulars of lockdown life in the UK in 2020.

Having had plenty of electro fun, touring the world and releasing 4 albums as half of Robots In Disguise, as well as acting in cult TV comedy series The Mighty Boosh, on this album Denim adventures further into her trademark warm, dreamy, honest and often poignant celebration of life, delivering a unique view of the world through her easy, free flowing melodies and lyrics.

Musically, Lockdown Laments is totally stripped down and all about the songs – the backing is almost solely basic acoustic guitar, with one take vocals/guitar recorded together, and untweaked deliveries of the song creating a natural, dynamic and intimate experience.

Find Sue Denim Here:



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