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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Sugarmoon

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Sugarmoon. I discovered this Band while shuffling songs on Spotify and I liked the vibes of their music.

Sugarmoon offer us an intimate, deep music capable of speaking to your soul.

Music that winks at past musical eras but that manages to be modern too, probably because of the instruments used and the vocal qualities and timbre of the singer.

The arrangements are very beautiful and they immediately put you in a magical atmosphere and help you to travel with your mind.

And like the characters in the video you travel with them in Italy between Venice and Assisi and you get lost in the Tuscan hills maybe drinking a drop of Chianti.

Their music is able to transfer the joy of a beautiful moment lived in the past but also the nostalgia that that moment is already only a memory.

Sugarmoon’s songs speak to the soul and make you breathe life.

The production of the songs is very well done and every sound element finds the right space in an enviable balance.

Autumn Leaves is Sugarmoon’s Single Out Now!

Sincere and deep music!


‘Autumn Leaves’ is the a follow up single to Sugarmoon’s successful debut ‘The Only One’.

Recorded entirely during lockdown, the track features the smooth, melancholic vocals of Welsh singer Sophie Jones that combine effortlessly with the keys that were a strong feature in their debut, calmly evoking shades of Laura Marling and at the same time The Mamas & The Papas.

‘Autumn Leaves’ is a sombre, bittersweet track that juxtaposes a wholesome melody and tempo with melancholic chords and lyrics that touch on the mental strains of love and loss. This emotive dissonance is becoming a trademark skill for the band, with similar feelings apparent in their first single The Only One.

The band, based in Bristol UK, found the sweet spot for the song through circumstances thrust upon them during lockdown. Guitarist Ryan McMurtry, who wrote the track, says: “I lost my voice right at the start of the first lockdown in April and we had a live stream planned, so we changed the key of Autumn Leaves and Sophie sang it. We were all blown away by how it sounded, so we just kept it like that when recording!”

The video for the track is the second of a trilogy started with Sugarmoon’s debut single ‘The Only One’, with all the footage discovered in Sophie Jones’ grandparents’ attic. The footage has been used to explore ideas around nostalgia and the blurring of memories with time. In Autumn Leaves, we follow sporadic memories of a couple that juxtaposes with the bittersweet themes of the music. The third of the trilogy will arrive with a new single later in 2021.

This arrives after a 2020 where Sugarmoon managed to build exciting momentum despite the creative shackles of covid-19. They continue to convert fans across Bristol and beyond to their unique blend of folk-pop and vintage vibes.

‘The Only One’, their debut single, has enjoyed thousands of streams on Spotify as well as radio play on BBC Radio Bristol, RTM FM, and around the world. The music video reached 20,000 people in the first week of release on Facebook, the Bops Collective describing it as “one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen this year”.

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