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Sun is V/Terpan’s Ep | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
V/Terpan is back with a new cool video for his song My Sorrow and with an Ep called Sun.

Sun is V/Terpan’s Ep | Indie Music

The hypnotic and fascinating sound of this artist is reconfirmed in this beautiful Ep.

This music reminded me in some moments of Nick Cave’s compositional style. Sun’s tracks are epic, and paranoid, and carry ancestral vibrations that keep you glued to the speakers.

This artist has found his musical limbo and his artistic vision is so articulated and refined that manages to stand out from the crowd, also accompanied by a truly intriguing vocal timbre.

The video for the song My Sorrow is haunted. A visionary video that makes you perceive the great creativity that is hidden in the subconscious of V/Terpan. While watching the video, the atmosphere of Lars von Trier’s movies came to my mind.

This artist is complete and mature and expresses strong emotions not only with music. I love his style and his musical project in general and I’m curious to see what he will be able to do in the future.

Sun is V/Terpan’s Ep Out Now!


Sun is V/Terpan’s Ep | Indie Music


V/Terpan is a London-based Greek recording artist. He released his first two singles (Never Love Again and Out) in 2019 followed by Promise and The Beast in 2020 as well as a 6-track EP album (When The Poems Gave Us Life) in December of the same year.
Now V/Terpan returns with a new EP album called Sun (due 1st October 2022).
Five new songs bringing him closer to his musical roots.
Inspired by a plethora of favourite artists like QOTSA, The Doors, Muse, Tindersticks but even Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga, Sun is a sophisticated rock/pop amalgam that takes the listener on a journey from the hot sunny deserts of suburban USA to the cold northern European plains.
“Lyrically these songs are a tribute to the highest forms of love expression, for example the dreamy affirmations in Sun and the parental protective kind of love in Until the end. These five songs describe love as I have experienced it and as simply as possible. Love for a person, love for ourselves, love for art, love for life”.
With his previous release (When The Poems Gave Us Life) in 2021, V/Terpan set a different tone in his music taking a darker, poetic approach while distancing himself from the 80’s inspired pop synth sound of his first singles.
Now with Sun, he brings out a more raw sound by incorporating more guitars and pianos. Nevertheless, the electronic darkwave element is present. The album was written between 2021-2022, mixed by Massimo Paramour in London, UK and mastered by T.J.Penton in Las Vegas, USA.

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