Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Take It Back is DaeMarcus' Album Out Now
Take It Back is DaeMarcus’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is DaeMarcus and his album Take It Back.

Take It Back is DaeMarcus’ Album Out Now

The music of this artist is intriguing.

A modern and ethereal compositional approach that seems to come from the future. The sounds are highly sought after and the atmospheres are hypnotic.

Surely many influences season the style of DaeMarcus. Folk, Pop, and Rock have been skilfully mixed with electronic sounds creating a sound blend that makes this artist stand out from the crowd.

When an artist finds his music he has already taken a big step toward the realization of his dream. DaeMarcus has worked hard to create something unique and his work is paying off.

I suggest you to listen to this album with your eyes closed and let yourself be guided into the musical universe of this talented artist.

While I was traveling with my imagination listening to the tunes of Take It Back I felt like driving a spaceship in search of new planets and galaxies.

This a fantastic discovery that I recommend to everyone!

Take It Back is DaeMarcus’ Album Out Now!

Ethereal and Refined!

Take It Back is DaeMarcus’ Album Out Now

DaeMarcus main mission is bringing High-quality music to customers. It targets the heart and dives deep. The artists truly know how to MAKE you something while listening. The artist of DaeMarcus also understands the void in real true and vulnerable heartfelt music in the industry today and pulls at those strings and takes you deep with a wide variety of influences that touch on just about every single aspect of music in the business. DaeMarcus promises to make every single album with high quality, meaning and purpose bringing to the listener a truly enjoyable experience.

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