Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Take This Heart & The Way That You Kiss are Terry K 3TL's New Singles
Take This Heart & The Way That You Kiss are Terry K 3TL’s New Singles

Good Day Noir Family,
Terry K 3TL continues to produce beautiful songs and this time entertains us with Take This Heart & The Way That You Kiss.

This music seems to come straight from the Appalachian mountains, a sound that brings with it vibes of the past.

A compositional style that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Terry K 3TL is a storyteller and a great songwriter. His new singles manage to make you spend 6 easy minutes where you forget about everyday problems.

Take This Heart made me imagine driving a 1960s Ford truck in the Alabama countryside on a sunny day. While listening to this song I was feeling free, it’s a simple song but it’s not banal at all.

The sincerity and purity of the lyrics and the magnificent vocal interpretation manage to warm the listener’s heart and soul.

The Way That You Kiss is a song a bit more nostalgic in my opinion, a tune capable of bringing back distant memories, like when you open a drawer and find yellowed polaroids inside that make you think about those sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet fragments of your life.

Absolutely confirmed!

Take This Heart is Terry K 3TL’s Single Out Now! Before that Terry released side A of this dual release titled The Way That You Kiss, enjoy!



“Take This Heart” is a sober love song. It speaks about endings, moving on and resignation for what was isn’t there anymore. It hurts to think that the love of your life, your world, isn’t what you believed it to be. It hurts to even think that everything that you’ve believed to be true may have all been in your imagination. The life you’ve begun is about to end and a newer, darker version of you takes form. It may hurt but you can’t stop yourself from giving it another shot.

“The Way That You Kiss” defines those feelings and vulnerability. The singer carries you through falling in love. You experience emotions and thoughts you never believe existed within you. At least, not before falling in love.  When you fail to keep the love alive, things shades and your view of love is a few shades darker. Yet that is the paradoxical contrast of falling in love! There is ugliness with beauty. There is darkness with light. There is pain with pleasure. There is death when there is life.

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