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Teardrops is ‪Elad David’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Elad David is back with a new single and video and I want to share my opinion about it.

Teardrops is ‪Elad David’s Single Out Now

I was hooked by this song instantly.

Elad David’s refined musical technique needs no introduction. The precision with which he plucks the strings and the melodic quality of Teardrops are indisputable.

Indeed the notes seem to be Teardrops, sometimes of pain but also of joy.

A song that gives a sense of hope for the future. The intricate dynamic progression is captivating and the sound of the flute adds a touch of delicacy to the whole melody.

I also really liked hearing the wood of the guitar used to create the rhythm.

Elad David manages to transfer his magnificent land into music. That culture and landscapes exude from these notes in my opinion.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to the music of a such talented musician.

10 out of 10!

Teardrops is ‪Elad David’s Single Out Now!


Teardrops is ‪Elad David’s Single Out Now

“This original acoustic instrumental track features captivating percussive guitar elements that create a uniquely uplifting and inspirational vibe. I continue this time with the atmosphere and the authentic acoustic sound of my latest releases. You can take it to a sad place or quite the opposite, to tears of happiness and joy. The piece was probably originally written out of some sadness, but when I listen to it now it’s definitely much more joyful and inspiring. I hope the listeners will feel the same way.” –Elad David

After more than 20 years of great and very diverse activity in the music industry in Israel, playing various productions, live shows, recordings and studio work for himself and others, Elad David (currently a lead guitarist and Ukulele player in the Israeli “Kalbei Pavlov” band), began to release original music like crazy.
The first full album was released less than a year ago (August 2021) and since then he has released a few more singles and a full Ukulele album, with special fingerstyle arrangements of familiar songs.

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