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Technology is Veg.’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Veg. and their single Technology.

Technology is Veg.’s Single Out Now

This band is something else, unusual, irreverent, and fantastic.

I instantly became a fan. Finally, a band that has something to say, that has an artistic vision that is not limited only to music.

Veg. are the real deal, no doubt about it. This project was born to make people talk and think. The passion and determination they put into spreading their vision of the world are incredible.

Veg. it’s not a band looking for commercial success they want people to follow them for the message they want to convey.

These guys want to wake up our sleeping consciences. They want us to understand that there is a different way to live. Let’s forget about all this crap like social media, cell phones etc, and let’s focus on the things that really matter.

Einstein said that everything is relative and in the case of Technology this theory is perfect. The song lasts only 31 seconds but while you listen to it time seems to dilate. The message is simple and direct and is spat in your face crudely.

Real punk is back and this is probably the last review I’ll write because Veg. convinced me. In fact, I’m about to throw my computer out of the window…”Technology Fuck You”!

Technology is Veg.’s Single Out Now!

Direct and Wild!

Technology is Veg.’s Single Out Now

Veg. Are all about artist values and sending a consistent message out to the world so that the people who relate can find them. Veg.’s values consist of Epistemological Luddism ( the points made through ‘Technology’), Sustainability (which Veg. employ though making all their own merchandise – Veg. recycle old clothes/ buy them from charity shops and tie dye them by hand,
stamp their logo onto the t-shirts using a potato they carved their logo into, and make badges out of recycled bottle tops).

Veg’s other values are community & art. During Veg.’s live shows they have a section they call banana break. hand out bananas and all have a snack and jam to some funk/jazz mid mosh. Which is original and brings a sense of community. Veg. have an authentic and engaged audience, that they have accumulated through their live shows and intend to expand through the release
of their music.

‘Technology’ discusses how the overuse of social media shortens our attention spans and feeds us fake happiness and insecurity. ‘Veg.’ aren’t against technology, not in the slightest; everything we use from a shovel to a lightbulb, to a guitar, is technology. All we ask is that you take a step back and assess what forms of technology are bringing value to your life and what forms of technology are devoiding you of it.

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