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Tell Me A Story is Terry K 3TL’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Terry K 3TL continues his musical journey and today we focus on his new album Tell Me A Story.

Tell Me A Story is Terry K 3TL’s Album

The delicate refinement of these songs and the compositional style of this artist are truly fascinating.

It’s nice to be able to find so many beautiful songs in one album. I have been following the musical path of Terry K 3TL for some time now and I am struck by the coherence of his artistic vision.

This album is dedicated to his friend and producer Peter Nelson – PETER RICHARD NELSON April 9, 1959 – September 29, 2022.

Peter’s soul will forever live in these songs that will be handed down from generation to generation for years to come… a story like this adds to the many adventures this artist has lived in his life.

These experiences and emotions allow him to find the inspiration to compose his music.

A sincere, introspective style, a constant search for strong emotions, because this is the only way Terry K 3TL knows to express himself artistically.

You need to listen to this album several times and I suggest you focus on the lyrics and arrangements that help these beautiful words to become poetry.

Tell Me A Story is Terry K 3TL’s Album Out Now!

A Fantastic Journey!

Tell Me A Story is Terry K 3TL’s Album

Tell Me A Story is a collection of lyrical journeys into the soul & experiences of Terry Kozachenko. It is a journal of observations made from the artists’ perspective. The second volume of a trilogy entitled Songs For Old Men the album was created in the studio under the direction and guidance of Peter Nelson, producer, artist and talented multi-instrumentalist. The stories are interpreted in a basic guitar, bass , vocal and drums format with appropriate instrumental accessories that encompass soft-country, folk, and soft-rock genres .

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