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Tell Me What I Feel is Couchboy’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured Artist is Couchboy and his Single Tell Me What I Feel.

Tell Me What I Feel is Couchboy’s Single | Indie Music

The compositional approach of this artist intrigued me from the very first chords.

A powerful and free alternative rock that reminded me of 90s bands like Placebo but also with Ramones undertones.

The distorted guitars are epic and the melodic line is fantastic.

The chord progression is very well thought out and I must say that in the chorus the harmonic sequence fascinated me a lot, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that spoke directly to my soul.

The vocal interpretation is solid and fits the genre flawlessly.

Some moments of Tell Me What I Feel made me experience the emotions I have when I listen to Generator by Bad Religion.

I was impressed by Couchboy’s music and I recommend everyone to go and listen to his tunes, it’s worth it.

Tell Me What I Feel is Couchboy’s Single Out Now!

Wild and Epic!

Tell Me What I Feel is Couchboy’s Single | Indie Music

David MacDonald Is a singer-songwriter from Amherst MA (stomping grounds for bands including Dinosaur Jr., Pixies, and Sebadoh). He currently records and releases music as COUCHBOY. With alternative rock, punk, and classic pop influences, David crafts songs from a number of perspectives making the music of COUCHBOY dynamic and sometimes unpredictable. Recent releases have harkened the sounds of 90’s grunge to softer retro jangle pop—but all have the COUCHBOY sound.

Like many musicians, David is a fan. His early influences were The Kinks, The Who, and other classic bands. When he was 15, he won an acoustic guitar in a Beatles trivia contest and began teaching himself to play those classic songs!  Discovering punk and alternative rock, David played bass in many groups before forming JASPER in Chapel NC. They recorded a cd with producer Caleb Southern (Ben Folds, Archers of Loaf, Fear of Pop) and toured the east coast (including playing at SXSW and Richmond Music Festival) before moving to NYC with a production deal and performing throughout the city. David, the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, left the
band and returned to Western Massachusetts.

After a break from music, David dusted off the instruments and began to record at home during the Covid19 lockdown. Not able to put a band together, he started posting music as COUCHBOY in the Summer of 2021, playing all the instruments, developing his recording skills, and creating music videos. Each release in this first year has been a milestone. COUCHBOY is in rotation on internet radio stations and on multiple playlists ranging from lo-fi and jangle pop to alt- rock and pop punk content.

COUCHBOY wraps up the first year with the latest release “Tell Me What I Feel” –a return to his earlier power pop/rock sound, after the previous success of the more retro pop “Kind Time” single, which is still being added to playlists and radio.
What’s next? David is forming a band to work on the next COUCHBOY releases. Songs are being finished for an EP release in the Fall and another set of songs are being written for an LP. There is much more to come!

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  1. Thanks for the review! anyone checking this out should hit the Instagram link for more info–cheers! Dave/couchboy

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