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Bat-Watching The Unusual Tourist Attraction

If you are in Austin, the capital of the state of Texas, you still have a few days to admire more than 1.5 million bats that fly over the Congress Avenue bridge every night just before sunset.

Bat-Watching The Unusual Tourist Attraction

Texas Bat-Watching The Unusual Tourist Attraction_

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Even if the best time to observe them is summer, until mid-November, the show is guaranteed. Each year, hundreds of people gather to see the largest bat colony in the world. Austin is, in fact, considered the homeland of these curious mammals often mistreated for their appearance and at the center of myths, beliefs, and superstitions.

In fact, at first, even in Texas, bats did not find it easy. The citizens, seeing them fly in thousands, had asked the government to find suitable measures to be able to drive them away but, the intervention of Bat Conservation International, the body that deals with protecting these animals, has changed the course of events.

For some years now, the bat has even become the emblem of Texan fauna, alongside the more famous cow and generates a tourist income of 10 million dollars. Therefore, not only bird watching but also bat watching. The Wildlife Department itself offers a complete guide to all the perfect sites for this activity, while in August, there is even a Bat Fest with food and music.

The Congress Avenue bridge is the best place where to watch this sinister show, you can even rent a kayak or canoe to enjoy the spectacle.

It is good to take into account some precautions if you decide to participate.

It is necessary to be silent and not to touch them because if they feel in danger they can bite, just like squirrels. It is also forbidden to disturb them with flashes or throwing objects.

Bat-Watching The Unusual Tourist Attraction

In short, by observing some instructions, which are then valid for the vast majority of animals, you can enjoy this show in peace and just be carried away by the black spot that bursts into the sky, a truly unique moment.

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