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That’s How I Feel is Aggressive Soccer Moms’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviwed Aggressive Soccer Moms but they are back with a new song and I want to share my opinion about it.

That’s How I Feel is Aggressive Soccer Moms’ Single

As soon as I pressed the play button and heard the first notes of the Sax a sense of loneliness and nostalgia pervaded my soul.

The new single, by what was once a duo and now is a trio, made winter photographs of Berlin flashing before my eyes.

Aggressive Soccer Moms’ music is superb. It has the ability to open your third eye and make you see a different reality. The hypnotic cadence of the groove and the airiness of the pads work on your neurons stimulating oneiric visions.

I had a dream while listening to this beautiful song, I saw myself walking barefoot on Alexanderplatz, and bands like The Pet Shop Boys came to my mind.

That sax riff stays in your head long after listening, it is haunting and mysterious.

Absolutely confirmed.

That’s How I Feel is Aggressive Soccer Moms’ Single Out Now!

Dark and Melodic!

That’s How I Feel is Aggressive Soccer Moms’ Single

Aggressive Soccer Moms is a Lo-Fi Post Punk trio from Stockholm, Sweden and concists of Anders Bergström, Thomas Wahlström and Stefan Wistrand. They have their roots in the early punk movement of the late Seventies.

After the summer’s success with “It’s Not Love”, the group has composed and recorded. This single, “That’s How I Feel”, is the first release from the upcoming album (due in February 2023).
And the duo has now become a trio. The group takes on another dimension when a saxophone is added. Otherwise, they continue as before. Monotonous and annoying. Headstrong and personal.

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