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The Art of the Swamp

The “Homo Algus” are the creatures of the marsh of the natural reserve of Séné. Located along migratory routes, Brittany is also a refuge for rare plants, endangered species, and, since 2012, strange inhabitants, the Homo Algus.

The Art of the Swamp

Ephemeral creatures made of algae and mud, the missing link between nature and man.

The sensitive and vulnerable beings emerged from the swamps as if to whisper to visitors the beauty of our planet.

Such a fascinating idea has the ability to kidnap the imagination. These mysterious creatures made of nature make us think about our relationship with the earth.

The Story Behind These Swamp Creatures3

In the Séné Marshes Nature Reserve in the Gulf of Morbihan, France, Sophie Prestigiacomo created these swampy creatures to reflect our continuous and tense dialogue with nature.

In 2017, a crowdfunding campaign helped bring to life more Homo Algus to populate the reservation.

The Story Behind These Swamp Creatures1

Modeled with mud and algae, the algae dry out over time, and the creature’s color, texture and “skin” changes as does their organic environment.

Through the sculptures, viewers can visit the site and learn about biodiversity and our relationship with the land.

The Art of the Swamp

The Story Behind These Swamp Creatures4

The swamp creatures may look gothic and spooky, but they display the metamorphosis we all experience as we grow up.

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