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The Better Start is Jimmy Eff’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already review Jimmy Eff but they are out now with a new Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

The talent of this duo is reconfirmed with this new Ep.

Their simple and direct compositional style manages to speak to the soul and heart of the listener. This music is crystal clear and pure like a sunny day.

All the songs on this Ep are interesting, I had already had the pleasure of listening to “You Are Not Alone” in the past but I must say that the song that impressed me the most is “Can You Feel It?”

I really liked the 90s Grunge vibes of this tune.

A rough song with no strings attached. This music is perfect to listen to live where you can go wild raising your horns to the sky.

Surely Jimmy Eff are talented and I recommend everyone to go and listen to them!

The Better Start is Jimmy Eff’s Ep Out Now!

Pure and Free!


Quote: “1″Can You Feel It?” – For a long while this has been our set opener. The first song in any set should be a statement of intent, and I think this song fits that perfectly, with the opening line “it’s time to wake up the whole damn street”. Often when we play this live, we segue into “Rock n Roll Queen” by The Subways at the end.
2. “I Would Walk” is a song that has been around for a long while, more than 5 years in fact. It was written as part of our previous band, but never got recorded. It brings across my love of 90s indie, inspired by Supergrass and Noel Gallagher’s notion of writing songs about the universal truth.
3. “You’re Not Alone (Clean)” & 4. “You’re Not Alone (Explicit)”. “You’re Not Alone” was written after a close friend tried to take his own life a few years back. He did that thing that most men are guilty of – bottling up their negative feelings and not seeking help. Thankfully his wife was able to get him the help he needed. The song is a call out that no-one is alone and there is always someone to talk to. The explicit version contains the word “bullsh*t”, with the clean version replacing this with “hogwash”. You’re Not Alone was released in October as a free download from our Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages.

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