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The Big Picture is ‪Elad David’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed ‪Elad David in the past but this artist is back with an Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

The Big Picture is ‪Elad David’s Ep

The artistic vision of this magnificent musician is reconfirmed in this Ep.

The musical and interpretive qualities leave you speechless. Elad David has managed to raise the bar even further with this Ep by creating intricate and unique songs that make him stand out from the crowd.

His music cannot be labeled, it is so original and contains so many inspirations that it can’t be compared to other musical projects. Jazz, prog-rock, and alt-rock have been fused together. Elad David’s great musical taste did the rest.

The choice of sounds is always maniacal and the musical arrangements are highly sought after. Everytime this artist tries to amaze you with out-of-the-ordinary harmonic solutions.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

The Big Picture is ‪Elad David’s Ep Out Now!


The Big Picture is ‪Elad David’s Ep

After more than 20 years of great and very diverse activity in the music industry in Israel, playing various productions, live shows, recordings and studio work for himself and others, Elad David (currently a lead guitarist and Ukulele player in the Israeli “Kalbei Pavlov” band), began to release original music like crazy.
The first full album was released less than a year ago (August 2021) and since then he has released a few more singles and a full Ukulele album, with special fingerstyle arrangements of familiar songs.

The new concept EP, is a new direction that Elad decided to check, it is a combination of electronic beat & samples with synths, real rock guitars, and real trumpet and saxophone. Every detail is planned, from the cover for each single and the full EP cover (which is also a painting that Elad painted) through the names of the tracks, to the music itself and the overall sound of the EP. Everything is connected to everything, and now that the full EP is released you can understand the big picture. The cover art was also drawn by Elad.

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