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The Captain Down Below is Amberlind’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Amberlind and his single The Captain Down Below.

The Captain Down Below is Amberlind’s Single

I immediately liked this song with its “grotesque” and epic atmosphere.

We are certainly dealing with a great producer who has obsessive attention to every detail. The maniacal musical arrangements are well thought out and the harmonic and rhythmic variations manage to entertain the listener from the first to the last second.

I’m sure that The Captain Down Below will be very successful especially among children as they love Pirates.

I was impressed towards the 2.15 minute where the song grows in energy to give the listener the grand finale.

Amberlind created the various parts of this song as if it were a movie and while you listen to the melody you imagine this pirate sailing the seven seas and you live with him the thousand adventures, storms and battles until the day when his boat sank and he decided to play his piano to say goodbye to this world.

Amberlind is an eclectic and futurist artist who already enjoys considerable success. Go and listen to his music, it’s worth it.

The Captain Down Below is Amberlind’s Single Out Now!


The Captain Down Below is Amberlind’s Single

Songwriter and melody creator Staffan Amberlind has since early ages composed songs on his piano. He uses creativity with melody to compose and mix different music styles into one.

To not fall into the same loop when writing songs is one of his pursuits. Born in south of Sweden and he now put his full time into music.

Staffan is also a part owner of Woodhouse Production and is collaborating with artist, producers and songwriters from all over the world.

Amberlind premiered as an artist with the song “Reasons” together with Eurovision singer Michael Rice. He combined EDM with a touch of Highland and explored a new sound.

He recently collaborated with the EDM artist Behmer and B3nte where Amberlind combined cinematic sounds with a touch of Swing and created “The Captain Down Below” which landed on New Music Friday and 3 other editorials.

The foundation to the Captain Down Below was accidentally created from another idea. Amberlind wrote a catchy melody intentionally to be for just a fun project about a hedgehog.

He took the melody to the skilled producer and artist Behmer who then started to work on it. Behmer choose a piano that he tweaked to an original sound and when Amberlind heard it, he thought it sounded like a guy playing on a piano under water.

After some discussion they ditched the original idea about the hedgehog and together created the coolest Pirate Song out there!

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