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John Wick’s Prequel Series Coming Soon

John Wick’s new spin-off series was initially thought of as a long series that eventually evolved into three 90-minute episodes representing three nights. According to some sources, director Albert Hughes will direct the first and third episodes of the mini-series.

John Wick’s Prequel Series Coming Soon

However, we have not yet news on the director of the second episode. Executive producers on the three episodes will be David Leitch, Keanu Reeves, original screenwriter Derek Kolstad and producer Basil Iwanyk.

The Continental is set 40 years before the events of the famous actor’s films in New York in the 1970s. The series is said to follow a much younger version of Winston, the character played by Ian McShane in the movies.

In the episodes, Winston is a hitman who creates a safe haven for renegades like him. We don’t know anything else about it, we should wait for official news and, above all, for the start of filming.

John Wick’s Prequel Series Coming Soon

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