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The Crucible is Orwells ’84’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Orwells ’84 will entertain us today with a full album…are you ready for this experience?

The Crucible is Orwells ’84’s Album Out Now

You can get a better understanding of this band by listening to all of these songs sequentially.

I liked The Crucible right from the first intro track “Isteach”. Those Sticks, 1,2,3, and 4 create that nice adrenaline rush before a concert kicks off.

Then the experience begins, with the typical Orwells ’84 sound. Classic rock blended with traditional Irish music is their hallmark.

This music exudes truth and sincerity. In a world dominated by beats and computers, this band brings us back to real music. Made up of people who love to play together, and who can’t wait to be in the rehearsal room looking for the perfect chemistry.

14 intense tracks that make you want to take the car and wander the endless American roads with your head full of dreams and thoughts.

The lyrics are profound and the dynamic construction of these tunes demonstrates extraordinary compositional skills. Catchy songs leave room for more introspective moments.

This is the beauty of The Crucible a series of strong emotions.

The Crucible is Orwells ’84’s Album Out Now!

Intense and Direct!

The Crucible is Orwells ’84’s Album Out Now

The brand new album from Orwells ’84 is the culmination of the band’s four year musical journey. Cultivated to embody a vast musical soundscape and lyrical prophetic themes, the album has taken on the very form that the band have looked to achieve – a place where feel-good music meets vital social commentary.

The album has had a long stop start life which began during the first COVID 19 lockdown. The bands primary song writer (Damien) Mc Kenna wrote and amassed 24 songs and short demos in the bands practice space, effectively known as The Crucible. The process gave the band a heavy task as they set about building on the demos created during the harsh restrictions. The lockdowns took its toll, typified most by the original title for the song “The Social Contract” which was for a long time “Lockdown Demo”.

Once safe to peer over the parapet the band quickly set about beginning the recording. Previous producers Pillowhead were drafted back in and the settings of Blackmountain Recordings in Louth and Sunset Studios in Dublin City were chosen.

However, once the recording began it was clear that Orwells ’84 were creating more than a collection of songs. They created an album as a piece of art. Opened by the track “Isteach” (the irish word for in) and closed by the epilog “Amach” (the irish word for out) the album is filled with colour, movement and emotion.

Lyrically the songs deal with a mass of human experience and the social conditions. There are songs for all seasons, from the roaring “Wake Up” to the beautifully crafted “Close by the River” Orwells ’84 have left no musical stone unturned. The aim is to engage the listener and invite them to interpret, in their own way, the music that has been set out in front of them as the audience.

“The Crucible” is an album built to be listened to from start to finish, front to back. But within the walls of the album there are great songs. Singles “It’s What They Want” and “Tomorrow (Maybe I’ll Be Alright” will be followed up with ‘The Border and The Mistress’. Selecting these were tough and the band are happy with the strength of it.

Laced with elements of The Beatles, Elbow, Bowie to name a few, the band have drawn on all the elements of all the music they love and have created an album that they can stand behind with their chests puffed out. This is an album they love and have taken pride in!

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