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Photos Of Wild Horses Living In Iceland

Iceland is a mystical land of snow and ice. This is the scenery of the works of Drew Doggett, a New York photographer who made a series of shots entitled “In the Realm of Legends”. The photos highlight the unique relationship between the land and the horses, which are the protagonists of these works.

Photos Of Wild Horses Living In Iceland


“For my work, I’m always drawn to places that border on the impossible,” says Drew. “Iceland is a surreal place, and horses mate perfectly with this unusual and breathtaking land” The wild horses, immersed in this fairytale landscape, are portrayed in all their naturalness but the effect is almost otherworldly.


The photographer was inspired by adventure tales such as Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, a book he read several times in childhood, knowing that, sooner or later, he wanted to experience such an adventure.


Photos Of Wild Horses Living In Iceland

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