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The First Americans Arrived 30.000 Years Ago

The man may have arrived in America a long time earlier than was supposed. Even between 33 thousand and 31 thousand years ago.

This is revealed by two studies, published in Nature that shed light on one of the most debated topics by archaeologists and paleontologists in recent decades, confirming what has already been discovered in previous research.

The First Americans Arrived 30.000 Years Ago

When did humans first arrive in North America? According to what was known, based on the findings made, man would have arrived in these places for the first time at the end of the last ice age, that is 13 thousand years ago.

Ciprian Ardelean, Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico and colleagues, digging in the Chiquihuite cave, central Mexico, found more than 1900 stone tools. Using the radiocarbon dating method, they determined the age of everything they found on and around the site: bones, artifacts, more than 200 organic debris of all kinds pulled out of the “old” layer of earth that hid them. between 33,150 and 31,400 years.

According to the researchers, these are the oldest artifacts ever found in the American continent, perhaps produced by migratory flows that have left few traces, even of their genes.

In another research Lorena Becerra-Valdivia and Thomas Higham, University of Oxford, used radiocarbon and luminescence to date what they found in 42 sites located in North America and in Beringia (land bridge of the Bering Strait that previously united Russia and America – Siberia and Alaska) to understand how man spread in those territories.

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The result of their study is a statistical model that reveals the existence of a robust human presence prior to the Clovis culture, dating back at least to the last Glacial Maximum (26,000-19,000 years ago) and immediately thereafter. This indicates that the settlement of populations in North America took place at least 15 thousand years earlier than was supposed.

What emerges, as Higham also pointed out, is a new history of colonization of the Americas. According to the article, the first Americans entered from East Asia and many of those distant “migrants” came by sea along the coastal routes of the Pacific Ocean.

The First Americans Arrived 30.000 Years Ago

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