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The Heartbreaking Story of The Boldt Castle

There is no doubt that Boldt Castle is one of the most beautiful places in Alexandria Bay, New York, but the story behind this beautiful and majestic building is very sad indeed.

The Heartbreaking Story of The Boldt Castle

The castle was built by George C. Boldt for his beloved wife Louise and is located on Heart Island, in the Thousand Iceland region in Alexandria Bay, New York.

The construction of the grandiose castle began in 1900 and involved the construction of 120 rooms on six floors, galleries, a drawbridge, a dovecote and an Italian garden. 300 workers were hired to complete this immense job.

In 1904, however, Boldt had the works for the construction of the castle suspended: unfortunately, his beloved Louise died suddenly and the man no longer had any intention of finishing the castle without his loved one.

The man never set foot on the island again. The castle was abandoned there and for 73 years, it resisted snow, storms and raids. In 1973 it was decided to renovate the area and open it to the public so that everyone could enjoy the wonder created by Boldt.

The Castle is accessible by ferry from Alexandria Bay, Gananoque and Rockport.

The Heartbreaking Story of The Boldt Castle

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