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The Hollywood Machine is Moon Walker’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Hollywood Machine is Moon Walker new single, are you ready to rock?

This fantastic band returns with a wonderful single.

These guys throw songs out like an assembly line… they’re literally unstoppable.

Generally, when you are so creative you can also stumble upon some songs that are not perfectly crafted … this is not the case!

Moon Walkers don’t know what it’s like to compose a bad song. All of the tunes I’ve heard so far are beautiful, perfectly produced, and flawlessly composed.

This band is growing very well, they have a clear vision of how to bring their music to the masses and they do it with very strong songs and videos.

Moon Walkers are already a reality and we are happy that they exist.

The Hollywood Machine is Moon Walker’s Single Out Now!

Mature and Ready!


“The Hollywood Machine” is the newest electrifying rocker from the ever-eclectic Moon Walker. The song further expands on the groovy blues rock that helped them garner attention with their debut record “Truth to Power”. Moon Walker has shown no signs of slowing down and at this point, it’s unlikely that they ever will.

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