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The Human Touch is Ruiz!’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,

Ruiz! does not know the word fatigue and continues composing beautiful music.

The Human Touch is Ruiz!’s Single

Another enigmatic and hypnotic song. Those choirs that repeat themselves after the words “Human Touch” hooked me.

The guitar riff, the rhythmic cadence, and the vocal interpretation are designed to make you travel and take you to a distant universe.

While listening to this song I imagined an odalisque who was bewitching me with sinuous movements.

The thing I liked from the first moment of Ruiz! is the attention to every little detail. The arrangements are always well thought out and cared for with great passion.

Ruiz! created his music and his signature sound is immediately recognizable… when an artist finds his own way of expressing himself through the notes the magic is done.

The Human Touch is a song that in some moments reminded me of Radiohead and in others Muse.

Fantastic as usual!

The Human Touch is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now!


The Human Touch is Ruiz!’s Single

It’s a song I wrote whilst in bed trying to get over Long Covid earlier this year. It’s about how as a race we seem to have lost the love and respect we once had for fellow humans, the ability to get on together and live in a society where we help each other out, instead of distancing and finding obstacles to avoid harmony. Covid appeared from nowhere and the whole world shut down. Now we need to move on and grow strong again. Find love, be kind and celebrate life.


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