Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | THE IMPRACTICABLE DREAM – Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band
by Hannah Leon
Oh,my impracticable dream…
The impracticable dream gives us the blues,
The impracticable dream cannot come true,
The impracticable dream’s to change the world,
But it doesn’t matter,
In spite of all,I’ll sing my song.
My dream’s to take possession of all money existing in the world.
Hey,money,you’re stupid dirty papers! I dream to see your fall!
My dream’s to realize your great cremation for our soles’ renovation!
Let’s use the ashes from the money’s grave to fertilize the land!
My dream is the humanity to save,oh,people don’t you understand?
Oh,my impracticable dream…
Come on,get rid of crazy,rude and cruel money’s power and force,
Then fairy gardens full of blossom everywhere will appear on the Earth.
We’ll have a rest at last from constant and frustrated thoughts of money,
The sky’ll be peaceful and calm and bright blue and always sunny,
We shall be happy,free and equal.Join me.I’m waiting,people…
Oh, my impracticable dream…
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