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The Long Night is Fake Plastic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Fake Plastic hits hard with “The Long Night (bunker recording),” a single that wastes no time plunging you into its dark atmosphere.

The Long Night is Fake Plastic’s Single Out Now

The opening distorted guitar riff instantly evokes the grinding unease of Cranberries’ “Zombie,” but then the song takes a sharp turn.

The strumming thins out, leaving a haunting space filled only by vocals, drums and bass, and a croon that wouldn’t be out of place coming from Ozzy Osbourne in his prime.

This ebb and flow perfectly captures the song’s dystopian theme. While listening I imagined a twilight world, nostalgic and terrifying, reminiscent of Blade Runner’s neon-drenched decay.

But Fake Plastic isn’t all atmosphere. The distorted guitars return, building the tension until it explodes in a beautifully executed guitar solo, complete with satisfying shrieks.

The production here is perfect. It’s raw and direct, showcasing the band’s tight musicianship.

“The Long Night” is another winner from these German rockers. It’s a genre-bending track that manages to be catchy, haunting, and captivating. Keep an eye on Fake Plastic – they’re a band with a sound that’s truly all their own.

The Long Night (bunker recording) is Fake Plastic’s Single Out Now!


Our new single recorded in our rehearsel room at the Otzenbunker, dealing with apocalyptic domesticity and domestic apocalypse in maximum stadium mode.
THE LONG NIGHT (bunker recording) is just a sneak preview of what to expect of our upcoming album which will be released in autumn this year.

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