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The Long Player is Dave Lebental’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Dave Lebenta’s EP, “The Long Player,” shows timeless musicality and sincere artistry.

The Long Player is Dave Lebental’s Ep Out Now

Inspired by the rich traditions of Rock, Blues, Folk, and Americana, Lebenta showcases a refined compositional style that resonates with the echoes of music’s past.

The sincerity and honesty embedded within each track create an immersive experience for the listener. One can almost feel the wood and strings of the guitar vibrating, a testament to the organic nature of the production.

What sets “The Long Player” apart is its reliance on the raw talent and chemistry of the band members.

Lebenta and his ensemble have crafted an album that is the result of countless hours spent honing their craft in the rehearsal room. This dedication to perfecting their alchemy shines through in every note and chord.

The EP takes listeners on a roller coaster of emotions, alternating between uplifting tracks like “I’m Not Too Old” and “My Heart’s On Fire” and more introspective and nostalgic pieces such as “Monique” and “Granite Meadow.”

Its solid songwriting, heartfelt performances, and diverse emotional palette make it a gem in today’s music landscape.

The Long Player is Dave Lebental’s Ep Out Now!


Dave Lebental, a veteran rocker, made waves in the ‘90s LA Club scene, opening for ex-Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor. Despite promising prospects and gigs alongside notable artists, his big break eluded him. A few months after a Mick Taylor gig, family priorities led him to trade rock n’ roll for a day job.

Fast forward 27 years, Lebental, now 62, found renewed creative spark as an empty nester. Exploring the modern music landscape, he embraced digital recording and social media, crafting his debut solo LP, ‘The Long Player.’ The 11-track album, influenced by James Taylor, Ryan Adams, The Eagles, Tom Petty, and The Beatles, showcases old-school analog performances with multitrack recordings.

Happy as an independent artist, Lebental seeks to connect with his audience. After releasing “Granite Meadow” in 2021, he unveiled his first full-length LP to a substantial online following of 38,000 on Facebook and 1,000,000 digital music fans. Performing with his band, The Driftwood Souls, and solo, Lebental’s upcoming tour dates and performances can be found at dlmusic.us.

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