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The Lustful Arts is Galactapus’ Single & Video

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Galactapus in the past but they are out with a new single The Lustful Arts that is introducing their upcoming album.

The Lustful Arts is Galactapus’ Single & Video

The extrasensory journey of this band continues with this new tune which is reductive to define it unique.

This band is creating something never heard before and they are taking compositional barriers to another level.

I have listened to the new single The Lustful Arts several times and I let myself be hypnotized by the beautiful video.

This avant-garde music is pure art, made to provoke and open our little minds to something different.

I have become a Galactapus fan since the first time I listened to them. Their vision immediately won me over.

Such unique and innovative bands are a source of inspiration as they make you realize how endless are the paths of creativity.

It is wonderful to see artists who abandon themselves to their instincts to express the uniqueness of their essence.

Absolutely amazing!

The Lustful Arts is Galactapus’ Single & Video Out Now!

Indescribably beautiful!

The Lustful Arts is Galactapus’ Single & Video

Galactapus is a five-headed garage-prog animal from Minneapolis, MN, who are releasing their second full-length album “The Rainbows Of Wrong.” Says the band, “At best there are a handful of ways to do something right, but a breathtakingly vast and beautiful spectrum of ways to do it wrong.” It’s a coy and tangled listen, a firehose of mutating sound played by a carousel of unlikely instruments. But the bombast of confusion goes a long way in relaying their bizarre sexual energies.

Galactapus’ mystique is palpable. Band members remain nameless and faceless. Vocals are normally featured, but offered in glossolalia gibberish. For reasons of privacy and safety, Galactapus has so far refused any live appearances. Music and video is produced solely by the band under their own roof.

Since their sprawling and mysterious debut “I Intend To Stay,” Galactapus has been the subject of glowing reviews and artist spotlights globally. The arthouse horror of their subqequent music-films has furthered their depiction as a hippie death cult to some. The demented holiday EP “You Better Not Cry” followed, receiving substantial December airplay, and is likely to become an annual favorite in outsider circles.

Press has been fond of calling Galactapus enigmatic, grotesque, wild, mystical and indescribable. And many variations of strange. Comparisons have been made to the Residents, Can, Chrome and Sun City Girls among others. Naturally, Galactapus would debate any of this. They are resolute in only producing stand-alone music with a compelling reason to exist. But please audition the music yourself to make your own determination.

The Rainbows Of Wrong will be available on January 13th, 2023 at galactapus.com, Bandcamp and other major streaming services. The initial single, “The Lustful Arts,” is available for streaming presently.

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