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The Mirror – Pride is Spyderhuff’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
the music of this band always manages to create visions in your head that make you forget the reality around you.

The Mirror – Pride is Spyderhuff’s Single

This time while listening to The Mirror – Pride the scenery turned yellow and I found myself driving a Cadillac through the streets of Alabama.

Spyderhuff’s strength is that their music is pure. The sounds are real and the mix brings them out and it feels like the band is playing just for you.

It’s always nice to listen to their songs because they give you sincere moments, true emotions. The fact that their sound is created by real instruments and not beats manages to give that vintage glaze that distinguishes their music.

Spyderhuff’s passion is undeniable and the sacred fire of the blues runs through their veins.

The Mirror – Pride is Spyderhuff’s Single Out Now!

Real and Intriguing!

The Mirror – Pride is Spyderhuff’s Single

Spyderhuff is a remote recording band spread out in different cities across the U.S. This track is part of a series about the Seven Deadly Sins entitled ‘SIN7’ and is being released as singles. The title is ‘The Mirror (Pride)’ and is sixth in the series. It’s in the blues-rock genre with a country vibe. The lyrics express obsession with the idealistic self-image and its destructive nature.

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