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The Mirror That Shows Your Reflection Only If You Smile

A highly technological mirror is about to arrive on the market that reflects only if the user smiles. The idea was designed especially for people with cancer and looks a lot like a tablet that recognizes, through a camera, a person’s smile, thus starting to reflect the image of her.

The idea came to Turkish entrepreneur Berk Ilhan after witnessing the difficulties of a family member during cancer treatment. Following this experience, Berk has decided to develop products that help the joy and well-being of people suffering from this ugly disease.

“Our facial expressions affect how we feel. If we move our facial muscles to smile, our brain thinks something good has happened, and we become happy as a result.” An explanation that might appear very simplistic but which, in the end, is not unfounded: the idea that a smile, even a forced one, can make you feel better, has a scientific basis.

At the moment the cost of the mirror is really high and is around 2000 dollars. However, Ilhan has launched a Kickstarter campaign with which he hopes to raise enough funds to reduce the price to $ 500 and donate it to hospitals.

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