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The Moods That Follow is S J Denney’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
S J Denney continues in his artistic journey and today offers us this beautiful Ep.

The Moods That Follow is S J Denney’s Ep

Except for “Silent Scream” which I had already talked about in the past, the other songs in this Ep are a revelation.

This artist is continuing his growth as an artist and always manages to insert new elements such as Sax’s solo in The Art of Possible which is absolutely fantastic. The musical arrangements in general are really well thought out and of an exquisite refinement that brings with it a veil of Jazz.

The Sax is also repeated in “I don’t know if this changes things”. The vocal interpretation in this song reminded me of Michael Stipe.

The melodies are delicate and relaxing and contain deep lyrics that are the hallmark of S J Denney’s way of composing. Truly a solid and mature Ep.

This artist is always able to make me feel strong emotions with his music.

The Moods That Follow is S J Denney’s Ep Out Now!

Quality Music!

The Moods That Follow is S J Denney’s Ep

‘The Moods That Follow’ is S J Denney’s latest release, consisting of four songs (and a secret track). Like the ‘4 Reasons to Fly EP’ (released earlier this year), the record was self-produced by S J.

‘The Art of the Possible’ was written from the perspective of someone who dreams big, but realises their endeavours will have an impact on their personal relationships. The song features a lush string section, a saxophone solo and a 72 piece choir.

The EP continues with ‘A Silent Scream’, which was released this summer as the leading single from the record. This track focusses on a person who seems happy to the outside world, but is quietly burning inside. Once again, the arrangement is well rounded, with the inclusion of a woodwind section and a piano accordion.

Next up is ‘I Don’t Know if This Changes Things?’. The song is about someone who is always looking for the next opportunity. This track sees Denney return to the baritone electric guitar. The tack piano, muted trumpet, flugelhorn and koto also feature.

‘In the Dying Light’ is the official closing track, which is an Indian-inspired song, reminiscent of The Beatles’ mid-period work. The track tackles the subjects of immortality and spirituality.

The secret track is entitled ‘On a Lighter Note’. This composition is based around a Rhodes piano

• Written & arranged by S J Denney
• Produced & engineered by S J Denney in ‘The Cabin’
• Mixed by Mat Leppanen at The Animal Farm
• Mastered by Nigel Palmer at Lowland Masters
sequence and features a vast array of instruments, including the oud, banjo and double bass.

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