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The Pipers is KLEN’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed KLEN in the past but they are back with a new single The Pipers and I want to share my opinion about it.

The Pipers is KLEN’s Single

Try to imagine this song as the soundtrack of a Tarantino movie … just perfect!

The music proposed by this band is wild and instinctive, and brings with it an overwhelming energy. From the first time I listened to them I was struck by their artistic vision.

Yes, because KLEN have a global approach to their musical project. Both visually and musically they want to catapult you back in time and let you experience those emotions of irreverent freedom.

The video is psychedelic, avant-garde and I would say almost futurist. Because although the sound of KLEN is vintage it is as if at the same time nowadays it acquires a sense of modernity that makes it stand out from the crowd.

While listening to The Pipers I thought about the film La Belle Verte which in my opinion manages to transfer similar vibes.

I was already a fan of KLEN from the first time I listened to them but now I am even more so.

The Pipers is KLEN’s Single Out Now!

Pure and Free!

The Pipers is KLEN’s Single

The KLEN is an eclectic 4-piece with a drummer pummelling from a standing position.

Rough Skin – guitar maestro and exfoliator extraordinaire. Bill-upon-Tubs A.K.A Sticks B. Slippin – half human, half river, half beat-maker… half sonic macerator. Orlando Nice – the third limb, hardcore noise specialist.  Melvin Schæfferhoof A.K.A The Financial Ombudsman – Band’s newest recruit: a cult folk artist who has been hiding in plain sight within the financial regulation sector for a number of years.

Sounds ranging from smooth and visceral psychedelic warbles to wired and sprawling freakbeat. Steeped in 60’s garage, pebbles style, with an anarcho-prog-punk edge woven in there too. Hailing from Penryn, Cornwall.

Find KLEN Here:


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