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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – The President Of Pop

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to The President Of Pop, I discovered this artist on Spotify, and liked his innovative sound.

The music of The President Of Pop is definitely innovative, a sound that winks at modern sounds, new and fresh that do not disdain, however, a more psychedelic 70s.

This mix creates a unique and recognizable sound that glues the listener to the speakers from the first to the last second.

Irreverent music and a clear vision by this artist of how to propose his music to the world.

Things seem to be going particularly well for him as his music already has many plays on Spotify.

An artist to follow with a unique vision that reminded me a bit of Beck for creativity and innovation.

The songs are very well produced and every sound element finds the right space in the sound spectrum.

The artist is very sophisticated in the choice of sounds and is very careful with every nuance.

Fly/Shine is The President Of Pop’s Single Out Now!

Innovative sound that recalls the past!


Quote: “The P.o.P. got 50,000 Spotify listens last summer, but feels he is more a MULTI-media artist and thus already has a slate of videos and songs ready for 2021.

View this tiny pebble as it tumbles towards you, ahead of the the P.o.P.s avalanche which will obliterate musical sinners, and propel musical winners to new heights! (ie, less crap, more slap–more badaboom, less music by zoom–more inspired creation, less musical mastrubation.

You heard it here first, and the P.o.P. makes no apologies. To the best from the worst. Bow down to your new lord and ruler, His Almighty: President of Pop!”

Find The President Of Pop Here:


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