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The Rare Beauty of The Black Fox

The first information about foxes with the unusual silver-black fur appeared in the first half of the 19th century.

It was during this time that silver foxes were sighted in Canada and North America. Later, their numbers increased. However, due to the special value of the fur, this hybrid form of the wild Canadian fox began to be mercilessly exterminated, so it quickly became threatened with extinction.

The Rare Beauty of The Black Fox

Currently, about 8% of the entire fox population live in parts of Canada and North America. And the brown-black fox itself is listed in the Red Book and lives mainly in protected areas and animal husbandry.
In nature, these predators, which are smaller than a wolf but larger than a normal dog, are found in the forests of Canada and the United States. Less often can be seen in Russia.

Most often, they settle away from people, because they cannot stand loud noises and Homo Sapiens.

The brown-black fox lives in a hole, which it personally digs and equips. It is a noble and beautiful animal that likes to feel protected, so most often stays in his cozy home, leaving it only in search of food.
Legend says that the fox is a cunning animal that can perform various deceptive maneuvers. And this applies not only to fairy tales but also to real brown-black foxes. Therefore, according to many hunters, it is very difficult to find and even more to catch this animal, because it cleverly hides its tracks, confusing its own pursuers.

The Rare Beauty of The Black Fox

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