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The Return is 15th Bend’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
15th Bend with an intense tune, an unforgettable musical journey…be prepared!

The Return is 15th Bend’s Single

The 80’s vibes of this tune are evident.

This genre is making a strong comeback thanks also to television series like Stranger Things which are set in that period.

This time 15th Bend collaborates with a great guitarist Hetriani. The two take turns on solos. I must say that the guitar performance by these two artists is excellent…in some moments they gave me “Gilmourish” vibes.

The Return is a song that kidnaps you and takes you away. It feels like you’re on an interstellar journey and you return home after a mission to another galaxy.

The sounds are excellent and the performance is masterful. The pads are delicate and ethereal and somehow open your mind to oneiric visions.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to the music of 15th Bend. This artist produces impeccable quality music.

The Return (feat. Hetriani)  is 15th Bend’s Single Out Now!


The Return is 15th Bend’s Single

Quote: “This was a home studio recording, and it features a friend guitarist, who goes by the artist name ‘Hetriani’. The first guitar solo on this track is played by him, and the 2nd one (outro) is played by myself.

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