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The Ritual is Benjamin Corson’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Benjamin Corson and his Single The Ritual.

The Ritual is Benjamin Corson’s Single

Are you ready for an ancestral journey in search of yourself?

The music of this artist manages to speak directly to your unconscious and make you discover hidden parts of your essence.

While listening to the magical melody of The Ritual I was catapulted into a parallel universe.

I found myself wandering through space and saw unknown planets and living species capable of communicating telepathically. For a moment I seemed to understand the universal energy that surrounds us and I felt free.

The instrumental technique of this artist is impeccable and proves to have a great compositional experience that allows him to always make the best choice on a harmonic level.

Not all artists are capable of delving so deeply into their emotions and above all not all are able to bring them to the surface through their notes.

This in my opinion is Benjamin Corson’s greatest talent. His music is not just a musical phrasing but it is also a philosophical journey that investigates the mysteries of life. Benjamin Corson is an artist looking for something more than just great melodies.  His music wants to be a vehicle of emotions and wants to make you travel and make you forget about everyday problems.

In addition, his musical vision does not follow commercial rules but only the instinct that drives him to create very long compositions and not the usual 3 minutes. This music must be savored slowly in small sips like an aged whiskey in order to enjoy all its nuances.

The Ritual is therapeutic song because it tries to connect with the things that really matter. The choice of sounds is accurate and meticulous and the musical execution is impeccable.

A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

The Ritual is Benjamin Corson’s Single Out Now!


The Ritual is Benjamin Corson’s Single

It all started with one word during a conversation with a great friend of mine, who was going through major changes in his life. She mentioned it and it stayed with me.
We all have rituals in our lives. Some are mundane (like having a coffee in the morning), some are more meaningful and significant. One finds rituals throughout history and across all cultures and in all continents. Ancient tribes performed a ritual on such occasions as when a boy was ready to become a man, a ceremony with a divine significance. As this word made me question myself, fueling my inspiration with a rush of adrenaline, I immediately knew that I was going to create music taking the shape and form of my own vision of a ritual.

I am a guitar player, and for the first time I knew I needed more than just my guitar. I had “images” in mind, the scope of which was too vast to materialize only with guitar sounds. I needed to challenge myself and I decided to sample sounds and mix them with my guitar. This piece quickly became my obsession and It allowed me to explore music making further than I had ever before. I dug deeper in me, it became a kind of therapy. I felt free to use any sound that inspired me, I was not stuck in the same artistic patterns anymore… I sensed that all those music sounds were meant to be connected, and that it was my purpose to bring them together into one long mix. The music sounds are a mirror to my own spiritual quest, through my life experiences and sensations: joy, anger, loneliness, love, hate, envy, fears…
The purpose of The Ritual is to accompany you on a journey exploring the depth of your mind, allowing your imagination go to unknown places, and not fear of any judgment.

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