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The Things Happen is S J Denney’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
S J Denney will entertain us today with a wonderful Ep titled The Things Happen.

The Things Happen is S J Denney’s Ep Out Now

Being able to listen to these songs one after the other really made me immerse myself in the musical universe of S J Denney.

The thing I’ve always liked about his compositional style is the use of unusual sounds and instruments. These intuitions make his sound unique and uncommonly refined.

The arrangements are a real pleasure to listen to. The leitmotif of The Things Happen is a veil of delicate nostalgia.  It doesn’t matter if one song is closer to the Beatles and another takes you to Spain. S J Denney’s voice and his peculiar vision manage to make all these influences coexist in a beautiful balance.

I suggest to everyone to listen to this Ep several times to be able to savor all the exquisite harmonic details.

The Things Happen is S J Denney’s Ep Out Now!


The Things Happen is S J Denney’s Ep Out Now

‘These Things Happen EP’ is S J Denney’s latest release, featuring four songs (and a secret track). Like all of his recent work, the record was self-produced.

The EP opens with ‘The Keeper’, with lyrics that were inspired by Denney’s best friend, who was his bandmate in a previous project. Just before writing this track, S J had watched The Beatles’ Get Back docuseries, which influenced the direction of the

Next in line is ‘Shadows in the Night’ which was the second single from the record. Denney has always had a fascination with flamenco music, and it’s a genre that he wanted to tackle. One morning, before work, he downloaded a PDF on Spanish Cadence. Within ten minutes, he’d finished writing the main body of the song. The aim was to create a flamenco track that crossed over into the Spaghetti Western genre.

‘High Flying Birds’ was the opening single for the project. One evening, Denney met up with a friend who was telling him about something they were going through. As soon as he got home, he picked up a guitar and the song was born. Upon writing the track, S J knew it needed strings, panpipes and lap steel guitar.

The EP (officially) closes with ‘The Pin Drop’. When Denney wrote this song, he had a vision of a very low woodwind section, as he’d always loved how that sounded in songs by the band Morphine. The track features a lovely French horn solo. The record also includes a secret track called ‘At the Back of My Mind’. This song was heavily influenced by David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy.


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