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The Traveller is Yana’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I had already understood the depth of Yana’s soul but I must say that with this song she surpassed herself.

The Traveller is Yana’s Single

This song is dedicated to a friend who is no more on this earth, a great Irish artist, Fergus O’Farrell, who left us in 2016.

This artist’s incredible story and music inspired Yana who decided to dedicate him a touching song.

The thing I liked the most about this tune is that it has a traditional and epic melody. In some moments I felt like stepping back in time and seeing people gathered on a green Irish lawn with a fire lit to honor the soul of a loved one.

The Traveler (feat. Maurice Culligan) is a nostalgic song that manages to give hope. It is a tune that pays due honor to a great artist and man who has always bravely fought every adversity.

The musical tribute that YANA has given him touches the soul of the listener and demonstrates once more the sensitivity and greatness of this artist.

The Traveller (feat. Maurice Culligan)is Yana’s Single Out Now!


The Traveller is Yana’s Single

The Traveller It’s a deeply personal track written as an homage to the late Fergus O’Farrell, frontman of Irish band called Interference, who passed away on Feb 2nd, 2016 after suffering from muscular dystrophy from an early age, he ended up in a wheelchair, lost the ability to play any instrument over the years but remained huge positive presence till the end and was a huge influence on a whole generation of musicians

I was honoured to call him a friend and he is basically the reason why I do what I do and how I do it, he is my biggest influence, my guiding light if you like. The artwork of that single shows his actual piano and I am joined by his old bandmate so the circle is complete in many ways.

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