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The Dark Hidden Secrets Behind The Wizard of OZ

The Wizard of OZ, the legendary Hollywood movie, most likely has been your favorite film as a kid. Filmed a long time ago, the creative team had no privilege to enjoy all the latest equipment like people do today.

As a result, several things went wrong. A lot of mishaps occurred, and the cast experienced a lot of bad luck. You certainly had enjoyed the movie as much as I had. Now, I will talk about the four hidden secrets of your favorite movie that you never knew.

1. The Snow Scene

Remember when Dorothy fell asleep? It started to snow in the famous poppy scene. The snow used in the movie (Wizard of Oz) was Asbestos despite its established health risks.
Asbestos is a toxic mineral that could have harmed the entire cast and crew of the movie. The fact is that the team commonly used Asbestos at the time. Many well-known brands, such as White Magic and, Pure White appeared with their products. Back then, people were unaware of the damage it caused.

But now, people don’t have permission to use Asbestos in their homes. They were pouring it all over the actors without realizing how dangerous it was. However, none of the main actors in the Wizard of Oz are known to have died from Asbestos.
It is, however, unfortunate to note that Jack Haley, Jr., an award-winning director, and producer, and the son of Jack Haley, who played the Tin Man, is said to have developed the respiratory disease.

2. The Colorful Horse Scene

You had seen a horse of different colors in the movie Wizard of Oz. Well, that was a genius trick, and people were obsessed with this scene. The scene of the horse changing colors was captivating for the audience.

However, to achieve that multi-hued illusion, the creative team put a lot of effort. Initially, they considered painting the entire horse, but the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals objected. The challenge then was to go for a substance that not only meets ASPCA standards but photographs well.

After many failed attempts, a Jell-O powder paste was found suitable. The horse tried to lick at first, but regular touch-ups might have resolved the issue. I swear the creative cast had to shoot these scenes very quickly.

3. The Lion Costume

The cowardly lion costume in the movie was an actual lion skin which made it incredibly hot, and it nearly weighed around 100 pounds.
Why did they have to use the real lion fur, you may wonder? I think that the fake costume was sufficient enough for a kid movie. The kids would in no way be able to tell the difference between the real and fake one.

4. About Judy Garland

On the sets of Wizard of OZ, Judy Garland was assaulted and harassed sexually. They even forced her to wear suffocating corsets and take medications regularly. Her breasts had to be bound with tape to make her look younger. She even had to go for special garments to flatten out her curve. Also, the head of production company MGM, Louie B. Meyer, was unimpressed by Judy. He used to apply prosthetics to her nose and teeth.

Likewise, she had to follow that strict diet. Her daily diet consisted of chicken soup, black coffee, and 80 cigarettes to keep her appetite in control. The diet pills, on the other hand, resulted in insomnia.
The drugs and alcohols never let Judy Garland fully liver her life. She never got the needed support from the Wizard of oz and tin man. They were all afraid as she may outshine them, which she practically did.
Everything did affect Judy intensely. She got suicidal throughout the years. At last, in June 1969, she died due to an accidental drug overdose.

Final Remarks:

Knowing all these facts and twisted things that happened on the set of Wizard of oz might have surprised you. The Wizard of Oz was not only an American classic but was the most enthralling movie of its time.

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