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This Woman Lives In A Red World

BREEZE, Bosnia-obsessed with the color red, has lived her entire life in the red zone. Surprisingly, she has already planned her red afterlife. Therefore, she made her and her husband’s (Zoran) a red tombstone.

She wore a red gown made out of red granite, imported from India when she married Zoran. The 67-year-old Zorica Rebernik is a retired school teacher and has been living in the village of Breze near Tuzla, Bosnia.

This Woman Lives In A Red World

“Her obsession with red started when she was 18 0r 19 years old, and since then, she has been dressing in red from head to toe,” she says.

Almost everything she owns is red. Her entire apartment is red, and every single appliance and her furniture is a shade of her favorite color. She eats on red plates, has red glasses to drink water, and her bedding is red too. Even her hair is dyed red.

Zorica Rebernik explained how she developed the obsession of having everything in red color. She believes the red color gives her strength and power. It is her mere perception of strength and power that made her this crazy after red.

According to her, “People in her town know her well because she is obsessed with red, and she is a known celebrity in her local town.” She doesn’t want a single speck of any other color on her home decorations or clothes.

That is why People offer her certain red items as soon as they see her. She, however, said that “Any present that is not red, no matter how precious, would be rejected.” She also wears red to funerals instead of the usual black.

However, it becomes difficult for her husband to tell when she wears something different. For him, all seem to be similar.

I don’t get what sort of obsession she has. I don’t believe in spending the entire life in a single color when nature has given us the liberty to enjoy all colors. Well, let’s not judge her. The obsession with red is worth it as far as she is happy.

This Woman Lives In A Red World

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