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The Worms is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
the collaboration between two of the most innovative and interesting bands on the music scene continues.

The Worms is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single Out Now

9 o’clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head have already entertained us with a song written by “10 hands” in the past.

Today they offer us a surprising introspective song…the line “I never asked to be alive, I never asked to be anything at all” echoes in my head.

It’s always like this…the bands that seem the most playful and careless are always the deepest in the end. A bit like clowns who have that nostalgic aura even when they make you laugh.

The Worms is a twilight song, which investigates the maze of the subconscious in search of something ancestral.

9 o’clock Nasty and I Am The Unicorn Head have always stood out for seeking innovative collaborations. These bands use technology in a very interesting way and genuinely are able to inspire other artists.

It’s the first time I hear the same song in two different versions. One track follows Nasty’s vision and the other that of Unicorn.

There are many elements that change when comparing the two tracks, the mix, the reverb and the addition of some grooves can slightly change the perception of this tune.

9 o’clock Nasty is a little more direct, and dry while I Am The Unicorn Head has created a more muffled and hypnotic atmosphere.

Both versions convinced me as what prevails is the melodic line which is absolutely fantastic and demonstrates once again the great artistic skills of these bands.

The Worms is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single Out Now!

Always One Step Ahead!

The Worms is 9 o’clock Nasty’s Single Out Now

Indie overlords I Am The Unicorn Head and anarchist tricksters 9 o’clock Nasty bring you a new single entitled THE WORMS. All the full-on energy and twisted logic of Nasty blended with the subtle soundscape and pop sensibility of Unicorn Head.

The songs are labelled as the “9 o’clock Nasty” version and the “I Am The Unicorn Head” version, because they were produced by each band in turn. But the composition and the playing on both tracks was completely joined up and shared.


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