Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Things I Never Got To Say is Pharsalia's Ep
Things I Never Got To Say is Pharsalia’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Pharsalia and their Ep Things I Never Got To Say.

Things I Never Got To Say is Pharsalia’s Ep

The powerful and refined music of this band immediately hooked me.

This direct sound, with no strings attached, hits you like a punch in the face.

Surely we are dealing with good musicians and above all, you feel that these guys spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room. Their alchemy is in fact enviable.

Pharsalia demonstrate that they have a great musical technique that allows them to conceive daring harmonic and dynamic progressions.

These intricate variations keep you glued to the speakers from the first second to the last.

Things I Never Got To Say is a mature Ep, all the songs are solid and the performance by all band members is excellent.

Pharsalia has a clear artistic vision and their determination will take them far.

Things I Never Got To Say is Pharsalia’s Ep Out Now!

Powerful and Epic!

Things I Never Got To Say is Pharsalia’s Ep

Pharsalia loudly embraces the elder emo culture as their generational colleagues reach adulthood and hold strong to the 2000’s pop punk and Emo music that shaped their lives – in other words, it never was a phase. Pharsalia’s music is what happens when you trade your fast-food job, studded belts, and skateboard for careers, children, and a mortgage.

Pharsalia was established in the heart of a small Delaware neighborhood that homonymously flourishes the main title of Lucan’s epic poem. An array of musical influences permeates the band’s writing process with members who have been long-time members of Delaware’s local music scene.

The five-piece restructured in the summer of 2022, adding guitarists Brett Alan and Colin Presley to the mix with former guitarist, Stephen Ciccaglione assuming lead vocals. Pharsalia hosts a conglomeration of industry experience (including former members of the highly successful hard rock outfit Awake At Last, who has seen extensive national touring and had multiple features on
Sirius XM radio stations). With a diverse palette of shared influences including Underoath, Blink182, Tool, and Panic! At the Disco, Pharsalia’s music blends each member’s style and technique with bouncy instrumentation, rhythmic punches, and catchy lyrical melodies.

Pharsalia’s debut 2018 EP ‘King Nothing’ sonically contrasts from the music they share now, exemplifying the band’s innate drive to share music that reflects each chapter of their history. The band believes that change is necessary, change is good, and that fans can always expect something unique with each release.

The band hits the ground running with their four-track EP ‘Things I Never Got To Say’ and opens the door to a revitalizing journey that listeners won’t want to miss.

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