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Think Safely is Think Sanity’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Think Sanity in the past but they are out now with a new album and I want to share my opinion about it.

The imprint of the sound of this band is immediately recognizable perhaps for the singer’s voice so peculiar and intriguing. Already in the past her vocal timbre had impressed me and that sensation is reconfirmed now.

I listened to Think Safely with a lot of interest, 35 minutes of pure and intense rock wisely thought out in all its nuances. All the musicians deliver a great performance.

All the songs on the album are solid and Think Sanity’s musical vision remains consistent across all tunes.

A band that demonstrates a great artistic maturity, these guys have come a long way and continue to raise the bar by offering sincere and direct songs with no strings attached.

A band that I think is a lot of fun to listen to live.

Absolutely confirmed!

Think Safely is Think Sanity’s Album Out Now!

Sincere and Epic!


Think safely is the second album by the band Think Sanity. The album explores the highs and lows of mental health while framing it in a relatable yet satirical setting. From the dealing with accepting that you are damaged individual and trying to move on ideals that are represented in the opening track Trainwreck to the closing track closest to Happy where you’re finding the strength to continue on and move throughout the day despite dealing with persistent depression and anxiety.

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