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Aye Aye The Right Arm Of The Devil

Wide open yellow eyes, large ears, ever-growing incisors and long skeletal fingers: objectively ugly. It looks like something out of a horror movie, if you meet it at night it can be scary.

Certainly, mother nature has not been kind to the aye-aye, the bizarre lemur from Madagascar.

Yet, despite appearances, this cute little creature is one of the sweetest animals in the world. It is an endangered species and is the largest nocturnal primate on the planet, as an adult it is the size of a possum.
The Aye Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) tends to be on its own but if it encounters a man it does not fear it, on the contrary: it will approach and smell it to study it.

The only representative of its kind (the giant Aye Aye is extinct) in addition to the ugly appearance it has to deal with a sad fate: it has been, over the years, subject to superstition, which has pointed to it as a bearer of misfortune and disease or right arm of the devil. For this reason, some Malagasy populations hunt and kill aye-aye. Nobody knows exactly how many specimens exist in nature.

Aye Aye The Right Arm Of The Devil

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