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This Siberian Bear-Hunting Armor Is Perfect To Hug Your Enemies

Isn’t this a fascinating object? As soon as we found this Siberian bear-hunting armor on the web we immediately thought it could be the best “dress” to wear to hug a dear enemy.

Who knows if the creators of Hellraiser were inspired by this armor in the making of that legendary film.

The armor is made of leather trousers and jacket, completed by an iron helmet with hundreds of nails, held in place by a second internal leather layer

To this day, only a full suit of armor survives, and it is found at The Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, purchased in Paris during an auction on December 6, 1974. Its owners call it “The Wildman suit” and is part of the exhibition entitled Witnesses to a Surrealist Vision which includes works by visionary artists Andre Breton and Max Ernst.

The exhibition aims to recreate the “Wunderkammer” – the Cabinets of Wonders – famous eighteenth-century exhibitions where explorers brought objects, real or artifacts for this purpose, from all over the world.

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