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Till Lindemann The Controversial Leader of Rammstein

Till Lindemann, the controversial leader of “Rammstein”. Till Lindemann leads the band “Rammstein”. His style is based on provocation.

Till Lindemann The Controversial Leader of Rammstein

In his songs and performances, he tries to leave his mark and amaze the audience with incredible sets. He stages strong themes, such as death, decadence, and madness. Sex and love in all their most extreme forms.

Lindemann grew up in East Germany during the years of Russian occupation. He was an excellent swimmer and he became part of the East German junior swimming team. But he was expelled and arrested because he climbed a fire escape in an attempt to get to a sex shop.

He listened to rock music and groups such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. So he could express his feelings of rebellion against the repressive government of East Germany.

Besides Rammstein, Lindemann formed a duo with Peter Tägtgren, the Swedish musician of “Hypocrisy”. They became “blood brothers” in the literal sense of the term. They cut their arms and mixed their blood!!!!!! They live together and have perfect alchemy.

The duo is very proud of the last album “F&M”. It tells a story that mixes brutality and romanticism. A family abandoned their children in a forest. They are then captured by a witch dedicated to cannibalism.

Sexuality is one of the most significant components of Lindemann’s art. For him, freedom is at all levels, even on a sexual one. A person must follow his instincts and give voice to all his perversions, even the strangest ones!!!!!!

Lindemann is an enigmatic figure. His private life and his artistic side are two distinct aspects, even if they probably meet in many points. Sometimes, he retires in his little cottage in Mecklenburg, near Berlin.

Till Lindemann The Controversial Leader of Rammstein

He lives music according to a specific lifestyle (nights out, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll) and with extreme freedom. He considers his life like a “Happy Meal”! He never knows which toy comes his way every time.

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