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Tour of Boston’s Dark Secrets

Do you know that Boston is a city with a lot of dark and deep secrets? Discover it on board the Trolley of the Doomed that goes around its streets and cemeteries!

The host is in costume and is said to be a soul doomed to travel restlessly through Boston! He tells stories of the unfortunate people he has met! You will learn about the macabre events he has witnessed!

Tour of Boston’s Dark Secrets


Art by Edgar Allan Poets

Thanks to this guide, you will be able to visit some of the scariest places in the city! You will discover its most macabre and sinister characters, such as the angel of death and the king of all assassins, the “Boston Strangler“!

The “Boston Strangler” is the nickname of Albert DeSalvo. He terrorized the city from 1962 to 1964, killing thirteen women. The murders in question however were not the reason for his imprisonment, but a series of rapes that he committed previously.

Among the various places, you will be able to enter two of the most ancient grounds of Boston. During a unique and spectacular tour, you will discover the meaning of the images found and the famous and not famous occupants.

Then you can visit the ground which is located at the highest point of one of Boston’s oldest historic districts. Here you will see the final resting place of Cotton Mather. His involvement in the Salem witch trials made him popular at the time.

Tour of Boston’s Dark Secrets

Boston-by-Night Edgar Allan Poets

Art by Edgar Allan Poets

In the underground barn you will be able to visit the final resting places of many famous heroes of the American Revolution, including John Hancock, Paul Revere and Samuel Adams.

The tour takes place in the evening time! Since there is a lot to walk comfortable walking shoes are needed.

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