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Toxic Rob is Zeta Zeroes’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Zeta Zeroes and his new single Toxic Rob. I found this Artist on Spotify and I liked his direct and powerful music.

Toxic Rob is Zeta Zeroes’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Are you ready for a wild ride? This music has an irresistible energy.

A fast pace that pushes from the first to the last second. I was fascinated by the controlled chaos created by this artist.

Toxic Rob is an energy injection, it’s a song to start the day on the right foot. A song that awakens your most irreverent spirit and makes you feel free.

The production is perfect, I have not found any flaws. Although this is Zeta Zeroes’ debut single, his compositional experience already seems highly developed.

The thing I liked the most is that this music has its own personality. This artist has already found his sound that makes him stand out from the crowd.

A really nice discovery that I recommend to everyone!

Toxic Rob is Zeta Zeroes’ Single Out Now!

Pure Energy!

Toxic Rob is Zeta Zeroes’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Bill R. – Vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, percussion

Quote: “Washington D.C. in 2021 after a spiritual (schizophrenic?) experience (episode?) that told me to come back to making music. I have some exhausting circle-jerky reason for the meaning behind “Zeta Zeroes” as a name but I mostly just thought it sounded cool and I don’t hate it enough after a year to change it.

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