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Transhuman Dreams is Xylaroo’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,

our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Xylaroo and their new single Transhuman Dreams. I found this Duo on Spotify and I liked their style a lot.

Transhuman Dreams is Xylaroo’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

I was literally mesmerized by the music proposed by this duo.

As soon as I heard the melody of their new single Transhuman Dreams I felt like Ulysses the first time he heard the chant of the mermaids.

The music proposed by Xylaroo is ethereal and magical and manages to make you fly with your imagination.

As I was listening to this song, I imagined myself walking barefoot across the prairies. I felt free like wild horses running towards the sunset.

Xylaroo know how to create emotions and their music speaks directly to the heart of the listener.

This duo lives in its own musical limbo. A unique style that manages to stand out from the crowd.

I highly recommend their music project to everyone as they produce deep and intense music.

Transhuman Dreams is Xylaroo’s Single Out Now!

Intense and Magical!

Transhuman Dreams is Xylaroo’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Sisters Coco & Holly blend simple-yet-oh-so-catchy melodies with striking harmonies and lyrics. The band got started in Maidstone, Kent in the mid-2000s but its roots and branches can also be traced to the places the girls grew up in and later lived: Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Philippines Sri Lanka and now east London.

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